Q: are you still in the fandom? every one else is leaving and I don't get it -Anonymous

good morning!!

yes I’m still in the fandom. okay so a lot of people are leaving but a lot of aren’t as well and a LOT of people are joining, I think sadly the original tumblr crew are now slowly fizzling out which is a shame but you just need to welcome a lot of new people in :)

I’m not oblivious to the stuff that’s been going on and I’ll admit I’m not as in love with the boys as I once was and I certainly won’t be buying tickets to their arena tour I mean union j??!? come on boys you don’t need them dragging you down!!! ugh they are frustrating but I love their music and I’m sO EXCITED FOR TOUR and I still love them so I’ll be here for a little while longer at least.

(just sometimes I wish I could merge this blog with my proper one because then I think I’d be on more)


I’m young and I fall fast. I’m learning who I am. I get my heart broken. I’m trying to figure everything out. I’m free.


Brad being his cute and clumsy self in the Hurricane music video